Creative Reinvention, One Year In

Creative Reinvention, One Year In

I have not posted in a LONG time–I was in the midst of some big changes. I started a few different projects, one of which really came to fruition. All in all, I have had to really deal with my ambitions crashing on the rocky shoals of time, resources, and my child’s needs. I am finally able to pace myself better but the truth is that my creative work has had to evolve into the form I can truly sustain.

I will be checking in here as I roll out the fruits of my year under wraps; I have learned to let my personal projects happen without public announcements or deadlines before the work is done. I was imposing those on myself to force performance and it just resulted in a lot of unfinished business. With the pressures of running my design studio, raising my child, and getting my art career back online, I am not imposing more pressure than I deem healthful.

I am recording the flow of all the work I did over the last 12 months for you here. I hope you find it useful.

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