Art Kit Review: Clay Creations Kit by Spicebox

Art Kit Review: Clay Creations Kit by Spicebox

Art kits are a go-to gift idea for children and there are some great ones out there. M recently got a lovely one for Christmas that I wanted to review for you:

Clay Creations Kit by Spicebox

This actual kit is out of stock currently on the Spicebox site (I have contacted the company to see if they are discontinuing it. It has the dreaded glitter in it, after all). Regardless, M and I tested this and found it to be a lovely bit of fun. The instructions were clear, the material satisfying to use, and the results were actually quite nice! I do not usually like kits as they can be too prescriptive or rigid, but as the child has to mix colors and figure out proportions, the kit is a wonderful introduction to modeling and creating tints of colors.

There is a game board in the kit we have so we created the game pieces as suggested in about 25 minutes, give or take snacking and general goofing. Now that the pieces are dry, we will be playing the game!

Overall Review:

Ease of use: 9 out of 10. We opened it up and started playing immediately–we read the booklet as we went but everything was already so welcoming.

Fun: 9 out of 10! I loved that they helped the child make things to do other things that could then be used to do other things. That is problem solving! That encourages real design!

Teaches core concepts well: 8 out of 10

Includes adults well: 10 out of 10; I had such fun with this and yet was able to stay out of the way.

Cost: We were gifted this but I was please to see these kits are affordable, most of them clocking in under $20!

I hope this kit is still in production, but either way, I will certainly get more of the Spicebox kits for my child and others. The instructional booklets are well written and so easy to follow. I have included a link to a kit very similar to the one we received. Grab one and go have some fun!


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