2019 is starting one week later!

2019 is starting one week later!

I was wiped out for a full week by a nasty cold–holy cow, how humbling! I was looking over my intricate binder full of plans for the year and feeling my resolve draining a bit. But then, I stopped. Why? What is a week? What is a day on a calendar??

To heck with the artificial deadlines imposed by social media or traditional holidays! I have work to do, I have a studio to fill with energy and effort and that is well beyond the reach of any planner I could make or download or buy. THE WORK IS THE THING.

Here’s to doing the work, every day. Hang in there, don’t let your expectations drain your vision–the work takes a while. I’m still learning how to letter, the only way I get better is if I practice EVERY SINGLE DAY. Nowhere in that do I get to see when I will level up or conquer some particular task. Work is the one constant and I feel great whenever I dig in and do it.

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